Allergies, Diarrhea, etc

by Marylen Karsted
(Fresno, CA)

I stopped drinking milk for 35+ years because of my intolerance. I discovered raw milk at a local farmer's market and after 6 months decided to try it. 2.5 years ago Mom and I started drinking raw milk. Since then my 92 years old mother's chronic diarrhea has gone away and she has only had one cold.

I used to have severe allergies during cotton defoliation and when the olive trees blossomed. It was guaranteed that I'd have 2 weeks of laryngitis during these times and would be on anti-biotics. Since drinking raw milk I have not had allergies. No anti-biotics or OTC meds! No colds or flu either (no, I didn't get a flu shot).

Raw milk is an amazing beverage created by a great artist. It has changed our lives.

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