Allergy Relief From Milk?

by Sarah Krogmeier
(Kahoka, Mo)

For Mothers Day this year (2010) I received my milk cow, Penny. She was a 7 years old skinny cross breed, who had a stubborn attitude. I had to put her in a stall in my barn for a week just to tame her enough to get her milk. The first day we put her out to pasture it took us 2 hours to get her tied up to milk! I thought about selling her for those 2 hours! In a few weeks time she became my friend and I no longer had to go "catch" her, I could just call her name and she would follow me to where I wanted her (outside in good weather, in the barn when wet). At first I got her because I like whole milk better, wanted to make my own butter and ice cream. Not to mention it's always been a dream of mine to have a milk cow.

Now I see the benefits of raw milk. I am the mother of 9 children, my husband, myself and 3 of our children suffer from seasonal allergies. My husband has the worst fall allergies of anyone I know. I am not exaggerating, he has literally had fluid filled blisters on his eyeball! He has gone to the Dr. for testing, medications, shots of cortisone, nothing has worked. His eyes still itch, swell, get all gooped up. His sinuses close - no air at all can go through them! Not exaggerating a bit!

We have been drinking my dear Penny's milk, who is grass fed, eats all of those yucky weeds, and to our surprise no allergies ~ well not enough to complain about! Penny is like a nursing mother giving her natural antibodies. I loved Penny before, now so does my husband.

I've found the best allergy medicine comes from my dear cow, Penny. She gives us so much more than milk, natural antibodies.

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