Cow is Mother

by Jayadeva

I lived on a farm in California 30 years ago when I was 20 years old.. we raised some of our own organic foods and had 6 Brown Swiss cows that gave enough milk to feed the 25 to 30 members of our commune daily. The milk was our principle staple food as we followed a tradition of life from ancient India, practicing many of those customs.. The first principle of peaceful society is to protect the cows, and see to their comfort and happiness. In that way, peace and prosperity are sure to naturally follow.

Cows milk is the perfect food for human society.. When we are weaned from our human mother, the cow takes over by nature's design and transforms her blood into protein nutrient rich food for human consumption by simply eating grass from the field..!

The industrial and military revolution and complex over the last 200 years has seen the decline of natural foods as we once knew them.. While there have been many positive contributions to society, and advancements in technology that help prolong and protect human life, we have also seen a vast increase of diseases that have ridden along the same parallel largely due to the same complexities of industry which has been designed to help us progress and prosper.

There has to come a point in time when we as a society in general need to recognize the lines of morality and ethical boundaries when it comes to food and water, the 2 things that by which we need to sustain ourselves as a species.. The complexities of the world today are such that the majority of us in the first world nations needn't grow or raise anything at all in order to maintain our food and water supplies.. all we have to do is purchase them from suppliers. And in so doing, the commercial and governmental controlled food industry has actually taken the place of the cow and the bull, who in ancient times and in some countries still are considered as the father and the mother of society for what they naturally provide when cared for properly.

That Raw whole milk is even in dispute as a consumable good by men, women, and children, is a travesty in and of itself. The time has come for common sense, and to undo the bridled chains that keep society under the control of corporate and governmental entities and agencies who seek not to advance a peaceful society, but one that will continue to pay the price to keep them in business. I say that cost has been much too high for far too long, and we should all quit them immediately and declare independence through true knowledge immediately.

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