Healthy Choice

by Elizabeth
(Chester County, Pa.)

I have been drinking raw milk since my heart valve operation in "07". I am lucky to have an amish farm a mile from me. I am 62 and eat a mostly raw diet. I have been able to walk 3 miles a day (had to stop recently because of the heat). In any case, I also have CHF (congestive heart failure). I attribute my health not deteriorating further to my diet, which includes the raw milk, organic free roam eggs (I like my eggs from healthy and HAPPY chickens), raw butter, and whey. Since I just found out I have Lymes Disease, I am going to try the colostrum also. I am going to start making my own raw Yogurt (I bought some organic, but not raw, yogurt to take while I am on a course of antibiotics for 4 weeks along with the probiotics I take). I am sold on raw milk and if I couldn't get it, I wouldn't drink regular milk.

I am very pleased to have found this site.

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