I got my life back!

by S. S.
(Ann Arbor, MI)

I thought for over 15 years that I was intolerant to dairy products. I was living a life of avoidance. I paid dearly when I consumed dairy products. The bloating and serious indigestion were too much to handle. I felt like I was is some sort of dance with this food. After I got married, my husband who grew up on a farm kept telling me how much he missed fresh milk. I couldn't sympathize with him as I despised the stuff. One day he found a way to get his hands on a supply. He talked me into drinking it. My digestive system has never felt this good. It's balanced and not nearly as sensitive to the foods that I eat. Even my doctor is pleased. We now purchase milk two hours away from our home. It's not like going to the corner market but it's so worth it!

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