My husband has been able to replace his steroids for pain from gout with raw milk!

by Angela
(Pleasanton, CA)

We've been drinking raw milk for a few years now. I rarely get sick now, and when I do, it's only for a day or two; whereas before, it would hang on for 10-14 days. My husband has one of the worst cases of gout in the country, putting him in a wheelchair more than once. Drinking a quart a day, he has been able to eliminate taking steroids for the pain he would otherwise suffer from.

Some say they can't afford it. I say we can't afford not to drink it. When you compare the cost of prescriptions to the cost of the milk, it can come out about even. I say, don't buy that extra bag of cookies; instead, spend the extra money on raw milk. Your health could depend on it.


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