No more cavities!

by Evie
(Anthony, KS)

As soon as he was old enough, my son consumed pasteurized milk like he couldn't get enough. By the time he was 4, he required extensive dental work requiring him to be put under. Around that time, we had moved about an hour and a half away from a raw milk farm and made the switch to raw dairy. The difference in his mouth is astounding. The new teeth that came in were whiter and just appeared stronger than the others. His entire mouth is simply healthier, and his dentist has even changed his mind on whether he will need braces or not. It's been about 4 years, and we love our raw milk and other dairy products. I've read that people with adrenal fatigue do much better with red meat and dairy, so that would explain why I gravitated towards these foods. I am grateful for our raw milk farm. I wish others would realize the benefits!

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