Psoriasis Disappears After 40 Years!

by Janice Porter
(Winnsboro, TX)

Just in the last few months,some new friends got us aquainted with how healthy raw milk was and how unhealthy pasturized milk was. After studying yours and a couple of other raw milk website's information- plus some YouTube videos we learned the value of raw milk. We began driving the 5 miles out to the dairy for their raw milk and yogurt. I really wasn't looking for anything noticeable to happen- I just wanted to be 'healthy'. From the age of 17 I had developed Psoriasis, mostly on my elbows, but also on the outsides of both my hands. I had been using psoriasis creams which were supposed to aleviate the symptoms, but really weren't very helpful. I was told that Psoriasis is 'incurable'.
But after a couple of months of drinking raw cow's milk I noticed that my elbows were not itching, and I was not scratching at scales. For years, my skin would itch and I would scratch; scales would fall on my clothes or on the chair where I would sit. My husband was always telling me, 'stop scratching!'. But after just a couple of months of drinking raw milk the itchy scales had totally disappeared! There is nothing to scratch, and my elbows don't even itch!!! ! I finally 'stopped scratching' as my husband requested:-)

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