Raw milk for my children

by Haylee
(Las Vegas)

I was lucky enough to be raised on raw milk. My family lived on a farm and we had our own cow. Mom would make butter from the fresh cream. We also had fruit, vegetables, and meat that we raised ourselves. I am only now realizing the gift my parents gave me. I have been a healthy person all of my life; but even more, my five daughters so far have been free of so many of the health problems that I see in the children of our friends - asthma, psoriasis, allergies, teeth and bone issues, digestion problems, infertility. As I have become more aware of health and nutrition as a mother, I am making a great effort to make sure that my children receive the same gift I was given - raw milk and a healthy diet that will help protect them and their children from the pain, frustration, and sorrow that an unhealthy body ultimately brings.

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