Raw Milk in Colorado

by Jennifer
(Fountain, CO, USA)

I grew up in CA and went to the Whole Foods Market to purchase raw milk and was surprised to find they did not have it. Come to find out it is illegal to sell it in stores in CO. You have to buy a share into a cow and then pay a weekly fee to get raw milk. The share portion is usually fully refundable upon selling back your share at the end of time of usage. Since doing this I have also been able to get raw goat's milk which is drank by my children - they were started on it at an early age (my husband and I don't care for the flavor much). Either way, I am about 2 weeks from giving birth to my 3rd child and we have been so healthy using raw milk as well as making other choices like eating, growing and buying most everything organic. It has increased the food budget a bit, but the health benefits far outweigh the extra costs. Since getting raw milk I have made my own ice cream, cultured buttermilk and yogurt. Everyone in the family comments on how delicious these are. I hope to make cheese some day soon as well. I am very grateful for the farmers here in CO that are dedicated to growing organically and making raw milk available to us. Praise God!

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