Raw Milk Made Me Who I Am

by Armand

First, I hope that you are in good shape and drinking a lot of raw milk.

As interesting as I find your site, I would love to share my milk story with you and maybe it will motivate someone.

From the moment I was born until now, age 27 years, I have drunk cow's milk everyday. And I'm talking 1 to 2 liters a day. Now I have been always an impulsive child and, as such, had a high level of accidents. And with all that, I have never, ever broken a bone. Even when I crashed at 100 km/h on a ski jump. A lot of ligament and muscle damage, but no bones. I never get sick, and I mean it. No headache (unless I smoke a cigarette sometime), and the other thing is sports. I am a real talent, people say. I have competed professionally in at least 50 individually and collectively. Now I run 200m and 100m athletic events.

My point!! I have always believed that the reason that I am who I am is because of the milk. And I think that's why I can not leave home in the morning if I don't eat at least a liter of milk. Now, because I live in Albania and the milk companies have just started to implement their poison, I have moved to a farm my parents owned and transformed it into a permaculture farm. And because I just bought a beautiful cow, I started looking about the importance of raw milk. So here I am.

Best Regards,


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