I am so Grateful

by Trevor Allen
(Wheelers Hill Victoria Australia)

Love Love Love

Love Love Love

In Sydney Australia I stayed with a family I love who nourished me so much in all of my meals. The loving pregnant wife had raw milk (Cleopatra bath milk)which i had not heard about. I was blown away with the nutrients and nourishing benefits from this. I live in Melbourne Aust and i found another in Melbourne ( Athrodite bath milk ) I then was talking to another organic shop owner in Hawthorn who said another one called Swampy's Real Milk who said it tasted better.
I feel so grateful to receive everything i need from one product for a longer life which has so many aspects that can stop sickness also. I hope more people learn/research/experience its benefits.Understand the raw foods on our planet kept ancient communities healthy.I would love to know where I can buy this product in Phillidelphia where i will be in Sept this year 2010.

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